When we put together our spring package order we can add on additional queens, reserve yours today these are small cell hybridized Italian/Russian/Carniolan typically available last week of March to week one April 2020


THIS ORDER DOES NOT SHIP- You will still be asked to enter your shipping information upon check out, but the order will not ship.

Please contact to arrange delivery, meet-up or pick-up. We are located in Southern MD

solnectarlove@gmail.com or 410-808-9949

Southern Queen

  • Purchasing these queens will reserve yours for Spring 2020. You will not receive until then.

    We DO NOT ship these queens. 

    Free pick is available at the following locations:

    • Chesapeake's Bounty in St. Leonard, Md. 
    • Mom's Organic Market in College Park, Md.
    • Two Hens Feed, Seeds & Bees in (St. Mary's City) Park Hall, Md. 

    (delivery to you/your alternate site may carry a fee; inquire for details)

    solnectarlove@gmail.com or 410-808-9949

  • No refunds or returns prior to receiving your bees.

    If you do not Pick up your queens/bees when we notify you they are ready for pick up they will be installed in our choice of equiptment and you will have to purchase them off the equiptment to include cost to store/feed/manage them which will be a "to be determined" "non-negotiable" cost  

    Guarantees include but are not limited to the following:

    -Alive and well upon delivery/receipt 

    -No guarantees for mites, pests, absconding, supercedure or other "act of God" issues

    *Must make us aware within 48hours of reciept

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